Picture of Momoko Asaka, CEO of Veriteworks Inc.

Creating a society where everyone can work in their own way

The two main pillars of our business are 'IT' and 'Counseling'. It may be somewhat unusual to find these two services under one roof, but this unique combination is our strength. At our company, we offer support in both aspects of corporate management: 'People' through our counseling services, and 'Things' through our information system services.

Before founding this company, I worked in human resources within the IT industry, often labeled as a '3K' (Kiken, Kitanai, Kitsui – Dangerous, Dirty, Demanding) work environment. I have witnessed numerous cases where individuals ignored the early signs of distress, leading to long-term leaves or resignations. In Japan, counseling and mental health awareness are not as widespread as they could be. In contrast, in Western countries, there seems to be a prevailing mindset that regular counseling enables continuous, healthy work. I believe that if counseling becomes a routine and accessible service for everyone, it could significantly improve the work environment.

There are common misconceptions: 'The IT industry is a '3K' sector, unhealthy to work in' and 'Counseling is only for the weak-minded'. I aim to dispel these misunderstandings. I believe that there are unique opportunities that arise from running a system development business and simultaneously offering counseling services. These are things that only a company like ours, engaged in both fields, can accomplish.

Origin of company name

Our company's symbol is a four-leaf clover. Each leaf has its own meaning: 'Hope', 'Integrity', 'Affection', and 'Happiness'. These values are not just part of our logo; they are deeply ingrained in our identity. The word 'Verite' incorporated into our company name reflects the 'essence' and 'truth' of these four meanings represented by the four-leaf clover. At Veriteworks, our core services of counseling and information system development are committed to sincerely supporting every individual who engages with our services. We aim to help them discover the 'joy and happiness' in embracing their true selves, leading to a fulfilling life. This commitment to authentic support is what drives us to provide the work (works) we do.
We have reflected this philosophy in our name, 'Veriteworks.' We kindly ask for your support and look forward to working with you.

Momoko Asaka, Representative Director and Chief Counselor, Veriteworks Inc.

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Creating a company where IT professionals do not Get Sick : A Mental Health Management Manual

The book reflecting our representative's vision, titled "Creating a Company Where IT Professionals Don't Get Sick: A Mental Health Management Manual," is now on sale.
Its content is beneficial not only for IT professionals but also for a broader audience. We would be grateful if many people take the opportunity to read it.

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Picture of Momoko Asaka, CEO of Veriteworks Inc.

Momoko Asaka


After working for a medical corporation (ophthalmology) as a inspection and sales representative, she entered human resources. She was managed all HR-related tasks (recruitment, labor relations, system planning, salary, and training) at an independent system integrator and at an IT consulting company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's the first section. Later, she served as a labor and human resources consultant office, advising around 40 companies in the service, retail, and real estate industries. In the course of her HR work, she realized the importance of counseling as she encountered more cases of employees on leave, resignations, and individuals considering career changes.

  • 2005

    In parallel, she gained more experience as a counselor and started her own business.

  • 2014

    Veriteworks Inc. was founded. As a counselor and career consultant, her primary role involves collaborating with companies to offer employee support and training.

  • 2017~

    Appointed as a Director of the Asia Pacific Career Development Association.

  • 2022~

    Elected as the Board Chairman of the Asia Pacific Career Development Association. She also serves as a health management expert advisor, anger management consultant, and an advanced instructor of B-Brain.

A long-time Snoopy (Peanuts) enthusiast for over 20 years, her hobby includes exploring the world of this beloved character. Her aspiration is to establish a 'counseling cafe' – a welcoming space where people can freely seek advice and guidance.


Hirokazu Nishi


  • 2007

    He first encountered Magento, which was then just released in its beta version, through the system development company he was working for at the time. Since then, he has been actively involved in promoting Magento in Japan, including its localization.

  • 2014

    Upon the founding of Veriteworks, he took on the role of CTO, focusing on e-commerce related services, primarily Magento.

  • 2016

    Before Adobe's acquisition, he was the only one from the Asian region to be selected as a Magento Master: Maker by Magento Inc. He has been chosen consecutively every year since then, and in 2020, he was inducted into the Magento Master Alumni, achieving a place in the hall of fame.

  • 2017

    As the only Japanese individual at the time, he passed the Magento Certified Solution Specialist exam.

His hobbies include riding motorcycles and going camping. His future goals are to develop services using machine learning systems and in-house services utilizing his experience.



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