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“Creating a society where people can work in their own way”

Organizations and enterprises cannot succeed on their own. In order to achieve significant results, it's essential for people to collaborate and build strong relationships. We are committed to supporting both 'People' and 'Systems' to ensure a more harmonious relationship between organizations and their employees.



“To a society where stress and mental issues are not treated as taboo”

We aim to create a world where IT engineers and other business people can continue to work energetically while maintaining their mental health. At our company, we believe that counseling is not something you should receive when you are not feeling well, but something you should receive on a regular basis. Receiving counseling regularly can lead to a high level of performance. We believe that the performance of enterprises that attract such business people will inevitably be improved. Through the two services, "counseling" and "system development", we contribute to the growth of individuals and organizations by supporting both "people" and "products", which are resources for corporate management.



  • ”Try your best”

    Not everyone has to be able to do exactly the same thing. People have different abilities and aptitudes. Understand your own individuality and abilities and work with enthusiasm

  • ”Take care of your life”

    As long as you are alive, something good will always happen. Unreasonable work is strictly prohibited. Also, it is strictly forbidden to think too much. Even if it is slight, if you continue for a long time, the day will come when you will see the light of sun.

  • ”Do a lot of things”

    New things have no precedent, and the results are unpredictable. It is important just to give a try. Let us try it without worrying about precedents or old habits.

About Us

  • Company Name

    Veriteworks Inc.

  • Establishment

    May 2014 (Founded in 2010)

  • Location

    • Headquarters: Épinal Tabata Building 1F, 1-21-18 Tabata, Kita District, Tokyo 114-0014, Japan
    • Wakayama Satellite: 1055-35 Nishinosho, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, 640-0112, Japan
  • TEL

    03-5842-1905 (switchboard)

  • E-mail


  • Capital

    7 million

  • Number of employees

    11 employees

  • Representative

    Momoko Asaka, Representative Director

  • Business Description

    • Information system development services
    • Mental health, career counseling and related services
    • Human resource system development counseling / outsourcing services
    • Labor consultation and salary calculation
  • Operating site

    • Labor and Human Resources Counseling Service Vérité Office
    • Magento・OroCRM comprehensive support/extension sales Principleworks
  • Business Partners (titles omitted)

    • Sharp Corporation
    • Adobe Inc.
    • ManpowerGroup Co.,Ltd.
    • TKP Communications Corporation
    • Adecco Group
    • Amazon Japan Inc.
    • Sakura Internet Inc.
    • Kyosho Corporation
    • Otsuki Pearl Co.,Ltd.
    • BLUE LUG Co. Ltd.
    • Paygent Corporation
    • Paidy Inc.
    • Human Academy Co.,Ltd.
    • Japan Career Development Association (JCDA)
    • ※In no particular order
  • Financial Institutions

    • Mizuho Bank, Dozaka Branch
    • Takinogawa Shinkin Bank, Tabata Branch
    • Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Nishi-Nippori Branch
  • Registration / Certification

    • Notified Telecommunications Carrier [Notification Number: A-26-13725]
    • Qualified billing service provider [Registration number: T8011501019611]
  • Affiliation

    • Communication Quotient Association
    • Japan Association of Occupational Health Law
    • Japan Industrial Counselors Association
    • Japan Stress Check Association
    • Japan Anger Management Association
    • Oji hojinkai Assocaition
    • Japanese Association of Industrial / Organizational Psychology
    • Career Consulting Conference
    • Japan Career Development Association (JCDA)
    • Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA)
    • Adobe Solution Partner
    • National Anger Management Association
    • National Career Development Association(NCDA)
    • OroCRM Solution Partner
    • Stripe Partner


Tokyo Head Office

Épinal Tabata Building 1F, 1-21-18 Tabata, Kita District, Tokyo

  • 2 minutes walk from the north ticket gates of Tabata Station on the JR Yamanote / Keihin-Tohoku Lines
  • 13 minutes walk from Nishi-Nippori Station on JR Yamanote / Keihin-Tohoku Line, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, Nippori-Toneri Liner

Wakayama Satellite Office

1055-35 Nishinosho, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture

  • 10 minutes walk from Hachimammae Station or Nishinosho Station on the Nankai Kada Line



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