Cookie Policy


Veriteworks Inc. use cookies to enable our customers to use our website in a safe and optimal manner, and to analyze customer use of our website in order to provide optimal services.

  • What are Cookies

    Cookies are the data entered by customers when visiting a website, or a mechanism that temporarily stores information necessary for services or communications on a device or browser. Cookies are used to provide services to customers, to improve customer convenience (saving customers the trouble of re-entering information), and to enable website operators to display products, services, and advertisements that are suitable for customers. Cookies saved on the device of customer will remain on the device until they expire or the customer delete them.

  • Cookie Type

    Cookies are classified into the following types depending on their purpose:

    1. Mandatory Cookies

      Mandatory cookies are necessary for a website to function properly and securely. The function of cookies can be restricted by browser, but this will prevent the website from functioning properly. In addtion, cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.

    2. Functional Cookies

      We use functional cookies on the following sites where our services are sold and offered online.

      We use functional cookies to enable our system to operate and perform its functions.

    3. Performance Cookies

      Performance cookies are used to receive statistical information and reports based on information about the access of our website users. Performance cookies are also used to improve our website based on the information provided.

    4. Advertising Cookies

      We do not currently use advertising cookies.

  • Functional Cookies

    We use the following functional cookies.

    guest-view SessionIt stores the order ID used by the guest customer to retrieve order status.
    login_redirect SessionIt stores the destination page that is loaded before the customer is shown the login.
    mage-messages 1 yearIt tracks various error messages and other notifications displayed to the customer. Messages will be removed from cookies after they are displayed to the customer.
    form_key 1 dayIt is used for security purposes.
    mage-cache-sessid SessionIt is used to trigger updates to selocal storage
    private_content_version 1 yearIt adds a random, unique number and time to pages containing contents for customers, to prevent contents from being cached on the server.
    section_data_ids SessionIt stores customer-specific information related to actions initiated by the customer, such as wish list display and checkout information.
    store 1 yearIt tracks specific store views/locale the customer has selected.
  • Performance Cookies

    The performance cookies we use are based on Google Analytics, an access analysis tool provided by Google. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect data.
    For more information, please refer to External Transmission of User Data .

  • Google reCAPTCHA

    Our website uses reCAPTCHA provided by Google to prevent unauthorized login.
    For more information, please refer to External Transmission of User Data .

  • Cookie Control

    Cookies can be disabled by changing the settings of the browser installed on PC, tablet, smartphone, or other devices of the customer. Saved cookies can also be deleted by changing these settings. For information on changing browser settings, please refer to the websites of each browser provider listed below.

  • Established and enforced on January 4, 2024