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< 三田評論2022年5月号に掲載されました
2022年10月1日 20:00


弊社代表浅賀桃子が、所属しているアジア太平洋地域のキャリアカウンセリング団体「Asia Pacific Career Development Association(アジア太平洋キャリア開発協会、以下APCDA)の理事長に本日より就任しましたのでお知らせいたします。

弊社代表 理事長立候補時のあいさつ文
I will increase more activities that attract many APCDA members of academics or practicians with different cultures, backgrounds. This will encourage many of those to get involved with APCDA events or conferences and bring various opinions or thoughts to the organization. Along with this, I will work for bringing vitalization to its committee activities.
On top of that, I will plan and organize high-quality webinars with values in order to convey the great recognition of APCDA to many people and increase awareness of this outstanding community among much more people in the world. I will also put my energy to increase the number of APCDA members by enhancing those webinar contents which will lead this organization to have more influence in the Asia Pacific region.
As CEO of my company, I started my business and created a business entity from scratch and I have been developing the company. In my company, people from Nepal, China(in addition in the past, the Philippines,Bangladesh)work together. I've known and experienced how better a community with diversity works and communicates with each other. In this sense, I’m confident in myself to contribute to this global community.