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Counseling / personnel labor relations


December 24, 2015, taken up in NHK OHAYO NIPPON "Snoopy taught me".



■FM Fuchu Appearance "Akanechi no Ho Hon ya"

On 1st and 8th May 2016, FM Fuchu appeared as "Akanechi no Ho Hon ya".

State of appearance



■DODA management "Working" database of 20's "Career compass"

Actually it is scarier than May disease? Symptoms of June disease and measures to cope with new recruits

■Tokio Marine & Nichido Anshin Life Management "Weather Forecast"

Tokio Marine & Nichido Anshin Life Management, "Turning Points", Posted in Media for You "Weather Forecast".

Is it always depressing after vacation? How to spend your holidays not becoming Blue Monday syndrome
I can not sleep at night! I am too sleepy at noon! The troubled symptoms, its cause and coping method?



<Writing articles>

- Periodical series -

■Disco management "Caritas LINQ magazine" (formerly: Caritas PRESS)

Disco management "Caritas LINQ magazine" (formerly: Caritas PRESS)  writing an article on career / lifestyle (from June 2015).
First time in a series: How to make a heart that will not break, useful for motivating work

■WEB magazine "Notes Marche"

WEB magazine, notes marche which experts such as counselor · coach delivers useful articles.
As a professional writer, writing an article with mental health career as the main theme (from March 2015).
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- Occasional publication -

■News comment website by expert "JIJICO"
From a counselor's point of view, itl explains current affairs related to stress and mental health.
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■Expert web guide "My best pro" that the Asahi Newspaper recommends.

Expert web guide "My best pro" that the Asahi Newspaper recommends.
As a psychological counselor, writing on stress and mental health as the main theme.

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■Japan Stress Check Association "Stress Check News"

Write a story on "Stress Check News" operated by Japan Stress Check Association, the representative of which is a facilitator.
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■Published in Expert Web Guide 'My Best Pro'

Asahi Shimbun recommended the expert Web guide "My best pro", as the result of the review
Posted as a professional of psychological counselor in Kita Ward Tokyo.
Mainly on the counseling business, articles that were interviewed were posted
We also feature about "Snoopy counseling" which is a unique approach.
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■Introduced at independent entrepreneurship support company "ExWill Partners"

We introduced our counseling business and familiar counseling using Snoopy.
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■Introduction by entrepreneurs' enthusiasm message "Jonetu Shacho"

We introduced about our thought and launch.
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■Introduced in the site "Only Story" to convey the appeal of Japan's small and medium-sized enterprises

We introduced our business philosophy, counseling etc. making use of Snoopy's manga.
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